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How to order a Clean Out Bag?

To request a Clean Out Bag, please, visit our Order a Bag page. Fill in Your information and don't forget to mark what You wish to do with unaccepted and unsold garments: recycle or get them back. Return of  garments is paid service and costs 10,99 eur. Please note that if your bag doesn't have return assurance, any unaccepted / unsold items will be irretrievable once the bag starts processing.

Bag orders cannot be cancelled, but you're under no obligation to use a bag you've ordered from us.

Our teams work diligently so that every Clean Out Bag is processed efficiently and in a timely manner. Usually it takes 7 days to receive an ordered Clean Out Bag, but in case of excessive amounts of orders it can take longer - up to 3 weeks. 


Return Assurance: What is it and how does it work?

If you would like unlisted or unsold items from your Clean Out Bag to be returned to you, Upty offers a service called Return Assurance for an additional fee of 10.99 eur. We recommend Return Assurance for sellers who do not want their unlisted or unsold items to be responsibly recycled.

You must choose Return Assurance when You are ordering a Clean Out Bag. If you did not select Return Assurance up to this point prior, these items cannot be sent back to you, nor can we request these items to be returned as they will have already been responsibly recycled. Please note that we do not provide compensation for items that were not accepted or sold during 6 months if they don't have Return Assurance. 


Where does Upty send my return assurance items?

Our team will ship your Return Assurance bag to the address where your Clean Out Bag was originally mailed. In an instance that your shipping address has changed, please reach out to us by e-mail ( before your bag is processed and we would be happy to update the shipping address on file.

If your Return Assurance bag was already shipped to an outdated address, we recommend getting in contact with a relevant courier company to establish a mail forwarding address since packages cannot be rerouted.

Once your Return Assurance bag is shipped, it can take up to 8 business days to be delivered to you. 


What do we accept?

We accept all brands at Upty, as long as the item has a size tag. If the item doesn't have a brand tag, it will be listed as Unbranded. 

Upty accepts clothing from all seasons but we recommend that you send pieces that are currently on-trend and fitting for current and upcoming seasons.

Upty accepts clothing from all seasons but we recommend that you send pieces that are currently on-trend and fitting for current and upcoming seasons.


What we don’t accept?

Please review the list below of the categories Upty does not list. If you ever have any questions about what we do or do not list, please reach out to us either Messages in Facebook or by e-mail 

  1. Men's clothing
  2. Jewelry
  3. Non-clothing items: toys, books, sports gear, etc
  4. Sleepwear
  5. Undergarments/slips
  6. Slippers
  7. Pajamas
  8. Robes
  9. Items obtained illegally (or containing sensors)
  10. Homemade or altered items
  11. Counterfeit items or accessories
  12. Items that contain content that is deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly audience
  13. Tablet and phone cases
  14. Hair accessories
  15. Items without sizes
  16. Work uniforms

UPTY Quality Standards

All items are carefully reviewed by Upty’s authentication and quality experts to determine resale value. Only high-quality items that meet our strict standards will be listed. Please review the details below before sending in your Clean Out Bag.

Note: Items not listed by Upty cannot be returned to you unless you add Return Assurance to your Clean Out Bag.



  • New or like-new secondhand clothing that has been freshly laundered. Please make sure your items are completely dry!
  • New-with-tags (NWT) items.
  • Items that are in-season, on-trend, and have been purchased within the past five years.



  • Clothing, handbags, or accessories showing signs of wear: rips, tears, pilling, fading, shrinkage, or blemishes of any kind. 
  • Items with missing or broken parts, stains and odors, or that have shrunk, stretched, or been altered.
  • Items missing sizing information.
  • Men's clothing.
  • Clothing and handbags that are not manufactured by the brand represented on the item or that are considered to be inauthentic.
  • Clothing and handbags purchased more than five years ago.



  • New-with-tags items are not automatically listed. They must meet our high-quality standards and be free of imperfections.
  • Please note that matching sets will not be accepted together, nor will they be listed together.


Process of sending clothes

Once your Clean Out bag is filled with women's / kid's apparel, send it back to us through DPD (Estonia) or Omniva (Latvia, Lithuania) by scanning code on the bag. That's it! There is no need to add your name, address or any other account details as the bag number is associated with your information, which You filled while ordering the Clean Out bag. When Upty receives your items, you also delegate to Upty the unique right to realise your the items in the package, including the right to use and store them for sale and to promote Upty's e-shop and expand markets.

Once you’ve sent your Clean Out Bag, it usually takes up to 7 days to be delivered to Upty. Once your bag is received, we will start to proceed with it. Process of garments review can take up to 3 weeks depending on overall Clean Out bags quantity at that particular moment. When we accept items, we set the prices, make pictures, create listings and items go live. On that stage You will get a confirmation email, that Your items are accepted, as well the link for status follow up and request to send us Your bank account number for money transfers. Bank account number should be send to email ( with sellers name and surname marked in the title of the letter.

Not accepted items are passed onto our textile recycling partners and UPcycled or recycled. The proceeds we recoup through this process help us cover some (but not all) of the shipping and labor costs incurred for processing bags. 


Payout system

Our payout structure is 100% consignment and is designed to make cleaning out and getting paid as easy and enjoyable as it should be. The pricing of your listed items is based on various factors, including brand, style, condition, size, season and overall salability.

Consignment payouts are calculated as a percentage of the final selling price of the item based on our payout structure:





















Your earnings will automatically be transferred to Your bank account on 10th of the month for the previous calendar month selling.

If you didn’t get your earnings, please, reach out to us by email .

Earnings are impacted when a discount or promo code is used to purchase the item. If your items are purchased with a discount or promo code, your earnings will be reduced accordingly, but with a maximum reduction of 20%. 

You will get email confirmation of payout, when money transfer is done.  


Description Discrepancies

We're sorry to hear we missed something! If one of your listing descriptions is inaccurate, please reach out to us either by Facebook Messages or by email ( with item number and the correct description of your item. We'll gladly request for the item be reviewed and updated. Any necessary updates can take 1-4 working days to complete after the request is made, and we thank you in advance for your patience.


Helpful tips

We're unable to add photos for reversible items, and we cannot add this into the item's description.

We don't offer photos of the insides of handbags. 

We're unable to personalize listings, as our system options are limited to help promote efficiency and speed in our warehouses.


Unhappy with Bag Results

We're sorry to hear you're disappointed with your Clean Out Bag results. Our processors carefully examine all items that are submitted for sale, and any pieces that don’t meet our strict quality standards cannot be listed.

Our mission is to make Upty the best online resale shop it can possibly be, which includes only offering the best of the best for sale. Please be assured that all unlisted items are either returned to sellers through our Return Assurance service or responsibly UPcycled through third parties. If you would like to get more details about your bag processing, please feel welcome to contact us by email (

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