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Selling with Upty

  1. Sending garments
  • Order Clean Out bag: https://upty.ee/pages/form-test-2
  • Put Your clothes to the bag and seal it
  • Bring Clean Out bag to the nearest DPD parcel machine, scan the barcode on the bag and send it to us for free
  1. Shipping cost

Ordering and sending of Clean Out bag is free of charge. 

  1. Clean Out bag arrival time
  • Estonia: about 2-10 working days
  • Latvia and Lithuania: 3-14 working days
  1. Garments registration
  • It takes in average up to 2 weeks from the moment when You send Your garments until they will appear on upty.ee. In case of big amount of Clean out bags it can take up to 5 weeks. 
  • Garments from Clean Out bag are automatically connected to Clean Out bag number. Clean Out bag number is automatically connected to the seller by information which seller fulfilled when ordered a bag. 
  • When a Clean Out Bag arrives at Upty's warehouse, the seller delegates to Upty the unique right to realise the items in the Clean Out Bag, including the right to use and store them for sale and to promote Upty's e-shop and expand markets
  • Garments from Clean Out bag get examined by Upty quality standard. Suitable garments are accepted, pictures are taken , listings are created and garments are going to selling. 
  • Seller is getting a confirmation e-mail with the amount of accepted garments, a link to follow them up and a request to send a bank account for money transfer.
  1. Garments pricing 

Prices are set by Upty employees using the company's inner guideline. Price depends on many factors, such as quality, brand, seasonality, overall salability etc. 

  1. Payment system

Seller gets certain % from retail price (listing price — earnings %):




















  1. Payout

Payout happens on 10th of every month for the selling of the previous month. For example: on 10th of March sellers get money transfer for February selling. 

Shopping with Upty

  1. Shipping cost
  • Estonia and Latvia: 2,45 eur
  • Lithuania: 3,45 eur
  • If order more than 34,99 eur: shipping is free of charge
  1. Parcel arrival time
  • Estonia: about 2-5 working days
  • Latvia and Lithuania: 3-7 working days
  1. Return

If You need to return any of ordered garments, please, contact us either by direct messages in Facebook or by e-mail sales@upty.ee

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