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Upty is an online marketplace for second hand women's and children's clothing. Currently operating in the Baltic region (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and Finland, we are rapidly expanding into German and French markets. 

Driven by the idea of reducing the amount of waste created by fast fashion and all time changing collections, we want to encourage buyers to be more conscious and to use more of what is already made and circulating in the market, namely – new-like garments. In addition to that, implement different ways to reuse and recycle clothes that cannot be worn again or have not found their new owners through our website. 

So called recyclables (textile waste), have received a huge interest over the past couple of years due to its cost effectiveness and being a greener solution, compared to other resources for making new textile products. At Upty, we are not only offering services for individuals (selling pre-loved items or buying new-like garments) but have a large supply of recyclables for businesses. 

Therefore, we would like to invite all textile-reuse related businesses to consider cooperating with us and giving the recyclables a second chance. To ensure the most competitive and accurate offer, we ask you to contact us through email and provide as much information as possible (including but not limited to what materials interest your business the most, how many recyclables does your business need, etc.).   

Upty can offer your business a mutually beneficial partnership and an opportunity to make our planet a better and safer place. 

Contact with us: info@upty.ee

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