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About Us

Upty is not a typical secondhand store. Upty is a promoter and supporter of the Circular Economy.

UPTY was born in 2020 with the aim to reduce consumption and impact on the environment from social everyday life.

We're a large online secondhand shopping destination with thousands of like-new styles from your favorite brands at up to 90% off estimated retail price.


Our Mission

We want to create a virtuous ecosystem that can have a concrete impact on our lives and on our planet. Your beloved clothes must live longer and find a new owner - we are here for that. You declutter Your wardrobe, send Your garments to us and Upty do the rest: quality control, measuring, listing, photo shooting, delivery. When Your items are sold - You get your percent from retail price to Your account. Easy, efficient, eco friendly!


Our Philosophy

Today the textile industry is the second most polluting after the oil industry. The following are to be attributed to this sector:

  • 20% of the global waste of water
  • 10% of carbon dioxide emissions
  • as well as the production of more greenhouse gases than all sea and air travel in the world. At the same time, cotton crops are globally responsible for 24% of insecticide use and 11% of pesticide use.

We want to make a significant contribution to changing this with the collaboration with all of you. 


  1. Reduce:

Avoid buying more things than you really need - save water, energy, resources and reduce pollution factors.

  1. Reuse:

Extend the life cycle of Your clothes - waste and pollute less. Simple.

  1. Recycle:

Every garment thrown away ends up in landfills where it slowly rots producing methane and increasing the greenhouse effect.

We make sure every single one of everyday new arrivals we add to the site every day is 100% authentic and in such good shape anyone could mistake them as new. No knockoffs here—just knockoff prices. Find high-quality used women’s clothing and used children’s clothing from fashionable closets just like yours.

Upty: better together!

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