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  • 5 Tips for Online Thrifting in 2020

    Here are some useful tips on thrifting online in 2020. How to search and what to search for. 1. Filter by the size First tip would be to filter by size. Sounds obvious, but if not done will case a lot of frustration and make thrifting not as enjoyable. If possible, choose your shoe size, size for tops, size for bottoms at once, so...
  • 5 Rules to Follow While Thrifting During COVID

    Rule 1. Protect Yourself. Wear a Mask. Ideally, your preparations for going thrifting should start at home by putting on a mask. Make sure put it on correctly and avoid touching it on your face.  A mask will help you stay safe and provide an extra layer of protection against the musky grandma smell the most consignment stores have, it’s a win-win really. Rule...
  • Benefits of Online Thrifting

    It's Quick No more checking business hours, driving or taking public transportation to a remote location. Your unique thrifted purchase is a couple of clicks/scrolls away!  Remember finding a piece you like, but the tag with the size has been cut off and when you try it on you realize you would definitely need to size up or down? No more disappointments like this....
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